Hail HRH


HRH Vikings are raising their shield wall in Sheffield in a Valhalla celebration like no other


We’ve been threatening to do this for some time now, but just needed the right bands in Cycle and by all the Gods in Asgard we’ve nailed them high.


HRH Vikings is a mix of genres which call on everyone to raise their drinking horns, grab your garb n the odd “ Shield Maiden” and take the voyage to Sheffield for one of the most raucous HRH performances to date.


HRH Vikings will feature 5 mind blowing sub genres of metal namely, Battle, Nordic, Pagan, Black & Death. Expect the unexpected as we go all out to recreate a Metal Viking Saga to challenge the very foundations it will be staged upon.


HRH Vikings will be a 2 day, 2 Arena Adventure taking place @ 02 Academy Sheffield on 1st & 2nd December 2018. HRH Viking Hotels will be on the doorstep.


The Runes have been cast and the HRH Oath sworn have been summoned


Raise you shields n drinking horns high, this is HRH Vikings, ..Hell, were even serving up our own “HRH Viking Ale”